Be Your Own Boss

As an independent Flash Distributor, you control your future success. You can earn a comfortable income and provide for your family while building a saleable business to provide for your retirement.

No Distributorship Fee

No royalties, franchise or advertising fees are required for an independent Flash Distributorship. This means low overhead and high profits. We will help you to put together your first order, advising you on the best selling and fastest moving products in the line. Your minimum investment provides you with quality Flash Products for resale.

High Marketability

The demand for Flash Products is greater than ever. With American's keeping their car's longer, the automotive aftermarket is flowing with opportunity. According to the Automobile Service Industry Association, more than $200 billion in annual sales are projected for the automotive service and parts industry in the coming year.

No Experience Necessary

You don't need any prior skills or previous education to become an independent Flash Distributor. Distributorships are now being offered to success driven, self motivated persons in your area.

Complete Product Line

Independent Flash Distributors can choose from over 30 different products such as Cleaners, Dressings, Soaps and more.

High Quality Products

A full time research and development of experienced chemists devote themselves to producing "state of the art" automotive appearance products. Distributors can feel confident about demonstrating and selling their product line, knowing that they carry the very best products available.

Unlimited Opportunity

Income potential of more than $100,000 a year is possible. Limits are set only by self-initiative and determination. The dedication and hard work you put into your business will generate profits that come back to your pocket.

For more information please email us at and we will email you a distributor application.

Refer a Friend

Word of Mouth is the best way to make a potential customer believe in a good product. This is why we started this program. For every Friend/customer that you refer to us. We will give you a 10% discount on product purchases depending on how much your referral customers purchase. If a customer purchases 100.00 of our products. You will receive a 10.00 credit. The more Friends that you refer, the more you can save on your next purchase. Just tell your friend to mention your name at the time of purchase. You may also email us their name at so we will have a record of their name in case they fail to notify us of your referral.